“We create learners who are “life-ready” so that they can apply their knowledge to real-life situations.”

 – Sandy Hooda

Our Digital Innovation Problem-Based Learning Open Educational Resources (PBL OERS) provide Higher Education Institutions and Educators with a training model to help them introduce effective innovation through digital tools within the service sector. These PBL Resources will make an innovative contribution to the pedagogical approaches used in business, management, entrepreneurship in HEIs, as well as the subject matter. Through their use, learners will get much more than a basic theoretical understanding of digital tools for innovation. They will immerse themselves in the world of digital change and apply themselves to challenging scenarios which will equip them in a practical way with the skills to apply digital tools to real life businesses.

Who will benefit from these Resources?

The resources are aimed at Higher Education educators and business faculties.
The indirect beneficiaries will be business students, many of whom will end up working for SMEs or themselves starting their own company. They will help these small service businesses to innovate, through implementing these focused service innovation digital tools.

Let’s get started. It’s easy.

Click below to download our Free Open Source problem based learning materials and Educators Guide, which are full of engaging content, learner exercises, and additional materials.

Educators are free to adapt the materials to their own teaching needs.