Want to find out a little more about the Digital Innovation Erasmus+ project and meet the partners who are making all of this possible then just keep reading…

Our project has a strong and cross representational consortium involving 6 partners from 6 countries

Meet the Team:

University of Szczecin


University Szczecin (US) has, in under 30 years, established itself as the leading HEI in West Pomerania, Poland. In total it has over 15,000 students in full-time, evening and part-time studies at 7 faculties, covering all areas of university education, including humanities, economics and business, law, exact and natural sciences, physical culture and health, theology. One of the most important objectives of the University is educating students in such a way as to prepare them for entering the labour market and the university maintains close ties to the private sector and local enterprises as well as cultivating international cooperation, an essential element of raising the quality standards of research and teaching.

Münster University


The Münster University of Applied Sciences, founded in 1971, has developed into a modern, achievement-oriented university, highly respected across Europe. The university has approximately 10,000 students and is one of the biggest institutions of its kind in Germany. Its 400 staff members, 250 teaching staff, and over 50 courses of study provide a wide range of high-quality education to its students, benefiting greatly the local and national economy. It has strong research facilities which are concentrated on Construction/Environment/resource, Product and Process Development, and Company and Service Management, highly relevant to the Digital Innovation project.

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


Our university of applied sciences consists of seven faculties. We have a total of 45,797 students and offer 96 Bachelor’s, Master’s and Associate degree programmes. We are one of the biggest employers in the field of higher education, and in Amsterdam, with some 4,077 staff members.

Our research always addresses a real-life world problem from the professional field, conducted in close collaboration with both professors and professionals. Applied research is a crucial component of the many educational programmes we offer. Students work alongside professors in living labs throughout the city. AUAS focuses on six priority areas for research: Amsterdam creative industries, entrepreneurship, urban education, urban management, urban technology and urban vitality.

AUAS is a young organisation with a rich history, committed to the future and to innovation in Amsterdam and beyond. In 2018 we marked a milestone for the AUAS, celebrating the 25th anniversary of our institution in its current form



The European University Continuing Education Network (EUCEN) is an international not-for-profit association founded in 1991, registered under Belgian law. Currently EUCEN has over 172 members in 36 countries, all of them universities actively committed to and involved in the development of University Lifelong Learning (ULLL). EUCEN aims to contribute to the social, economic and cultural life of Europe through the promotion and advancement of lifelong learning within higher education institutions in Europe and elsewhere. As well as this, EUCEN aims to foster universities’ influence in the development of lifelong learning knowledge and policies throughout Europe.



Firm believers in life long learning, education is at the heart of everything we do. Training, mentoring and online learning are three things we engage in professionally and three things we promote in our work. Over the last 20 years, Orla Casey has built up a solid reputation for innovative problem solving, economic development vision and the design, funding and delivery of game changing projects and programmes.

EUEI (European E-learning Institute)


We believe in learning, in fact EUEI was founded on the concept of ‘continuous learning’; a programme that provides enrichment to learners in a wide range of sectors, covering topics that are professional and/or personal. We place tremendous worth on the informal and flexible nature of continuing education and crafting flexible, online learning courses for those wishing to improve themselves and stay ahead in their careers and in business. Collaboration and peer learning form an important part of EUEI courses.