“If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.”

Steven Johnson (born 1968), Science author & media theorist

Create a digital environment to make your innovative ideas spark! Find your digital tool now!

An innovation process can sometimes be a complex journey involving many people, even more ideas, and endless opportunities – but also uncertainties and barriers to capture the full potential. Elevate your innovation process by integrating digital tools that facilitate, for example, your ideation session or your prototyping efforts. Maybe you need help to coordinate a diverse innovation team or would like to collaborate with external stakeholders, our Innovation Tools Scanner will give you an overview of the best digital innovation tools and make it easier to find the tool for your innovation project.

Who is the Innovation Tools Scanner for?

… for small and medium-sized enterprises searching for a specific tool to facilitate their internal innovation process, you can find digital tools ranging from a simple, free of charge, online brainstorming tool to a more advanced 3D-prototyping desktop application.

… for educators teaching students in how to innovate to become the future innovation leaders that are needed in companies. Explore the possibilities of facilitating digital tools to advance your courses to the most up-to-date digital innovation practices.

How you will benefit

Find your perfect tool!

Scan through the digital tools list to get an overview or filter specifically for your individual innovation needs to find your digital tool. The rating might also give you some indications which tool to choose.

Make your innovation experiences available for the wider innovation community!

If you are an experienced innovator, feel free to register and add or edit a tool profile to contribute to our Innovation Tools Scanner. Remember that innovation does not happen in isolation. Let us share our knowledge and experiences about digital innovation. You are also invited to rate a tool that you have already worked with recently.

How to use the Innovation Tools Scanner

Step 1:

Start now! Enter our Innovation Tools Scanner to scroll through the range of available tools. Find inspiration in the wide diversity of digital tool profiles.

Step 2:

If you are looking for support in a specific innovation project or situation, feel free to filter the list of tools according to your needs. This will help you find a specific tool.

Step 3:

If you are already an experienced innovator and have worked with an amazing digital tool that you cannot find on our platform, register now to add this specific tool profile. The wider innovation community will thank you for your contribution!